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The Bishop Street 2013 Christmas Tree!

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This year at Bishop street we decided to have a slightly different approach to decorating the tree. Each week throughout Advent people were invited to participate in a Christmas Tree Decorating Activity to help us focus on what Christmas is really about.

WEEK ONE:  To begin with we focused on the word HOPE. Not all presents can be wrapped up: What can we give those close to us and in the wider world this Christmas?We chose a gift tag for the tree and wrote on it what we hoped to give and receive this Christmas.

Some great suggestions were jotted down to encourage us to use our time and thoughtfulness to give gifts that can’t be bought such as offering friendship to someone who is lonely,  lifts to someone without a car, or simply a smile to brighten someones day.


WEEK TWO:  This week we contemplated PEACE and created colourful paperchains adding patterns, prayers and messages while we thought about how each person in our community is an important link with a part to play as our interaction and friendships bind us together.

WEEK THREE: Now it was time for the most important word of all… LOVE. This week we  chose a character from the nativity story and found them on a Christmas card. We imagined we were that person, putting ourself in their shoes and trying to understand what they would have been thinking and feeling at that special time in Bethlehem. We used these cards to create decorations for the tree and wrote some of our thoughts on the back.

Christmas Tree

WEEK FOUR: Finally as Christmas drew close we celebrated Jesus’ birth and all that it means to us with the word JOY. This week we made decorations which glittered and sparkled There were poems and song lyrics about Joy to inspire us as we thought about what Joy means to us.

It may not have been the most stylish or sophisicated Christmas tree out there but we loved it anyway because it was beautiful and colourful and decorated by many hands!

A big THANK YOU to everone who participated in making such a fabulously “meaning-full” tree which we all enjoyed so much.

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