Bishop Street Methodist Church

Finishing Touches

Our first public appearance is only a few days away on Sunday 16th – a 3pm appearance by two Magi who will wander through the crowds to the Clock Tower and back and then a full performance of our nativity play at 3.30pm.  The weather forecast is mainly dry with light winds – so that should be our first obstacle overcome.

Meanwhile, the last couple of weeks have seen the finishing touches added to our puppets.

Over the October half-term, Birstall Brownies were busy finger-knitting, using skills previously taught to them by Lisa of Little Bird SOS.  Their knitted braids have been curled and glued to make angelic locks for Gabriel.  Meanwhile, Lisa has crocheted him a halo and had the fantastic idea of combining it with battery-operated Christmas lights so that it twinkles.  Gabriel is delighted.

Caspar now boasts rather glorious headgear made by Birstall Methodist Pre-School.  It is shaped from catering trays and decorated with glitter and sparkly bits by the children.  And the many beads made by Highcliffe and Riverside Primary Schools, Birstall Youth Cafe, St Theresa’s Youth group and painted and glittered by Birstall Messy Church have finally been strung and varnished and look magnificent.

Finally – our puppets are at long last armed (and consequently a little bit dangerous, as shown by some accidental collisions at the final dress rehearsal).  Attaching the arms proved a little fiddly but we’ve finally got it sorted.  Adding the arms really makes the puppets spring to life, even if their arm movements are limited (mostly to the zombie range of being straight out in front of them).

We are so proud of our cast of young people.  We have a new “Mary” who is brilliant after only one rehearsal. It is really a joy to work with them.  The full cast is made up of Meg, Zoe, George, Daniel, Andrew, Stephen and Ben.