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Giant Puppets Come to Leicester Cathedral

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The puppets had a great time helping out at the Leicester Cathedral’s Christingle Service. St Martin’s House was a perfect base to get the puppeteers into their costumes even if exiting through the doors was a little tricky for the giants!
RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-6 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-5 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-10 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-15 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-40

Before the service the puppets greeted people as they arrived!

RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-35 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-32 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-31 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-44

These beautiful Christingle candles had all been lovingly made ready to be distributed to those who came.

RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-50

During the service the Giants performed the Nativity Play

RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-63 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-66 RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-62

The puppets also helped carry in all the separate parts of a ‘Giant’ Christingle candle which was put together by Rosy Fairhurst from the Cathedral and Rachel Parkinson from Birstall Methodist Church who explained the significance of each part.

RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-72

The Giants taking a well deserved bow!

RuthJoyPhotography_ cathedral_puppets-71

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