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Dream Baskets and Other Works

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Dream Baskets and Other Works by Andrea Heffernan

26th – 31st January 2017

As a self-taught artist, Andrea was first inspired to start crafting on holiday when she saw someone making jewellery. Unable to find jewellery she really liked in the shops she decided to take up the craft and began making her own pieces both for herself and for friends. This led to trying a whole range of different crafts including glass painting, pyrography, plaster casts, felt flower making and creating night light baskets. Using the internet to learn about each technique Andrea says ‘I like to have a go at new crafts I see. I am inspired by my Granddaughter and my two sons who both love drawing and nature.’

Andrea made her first nightlight basket for her Granddaughter, Chloe. ‘I think there is too much stress in the world and so in my crafts I like to explore the imaginative world of childhood. I like to be different and make unique pieces. I don’t plan a new piece of work, they simply come together while I am making them.’ Andrea always keeps a notebook close to hand to jot down new ideas and says that she gathers her materials from pound shops, charity shops and online craft and florist shops.

If you are interested in finding out more about Andrea’s craft work please contact her at

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