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Venite Exhibition

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An exhibition of Art and Photography created from recycled organ pipes and circuit boards.

17th October to 7th November 2018


Earlier this year I was looking in the Bishop Street Church basement for something to use to create the large new artwork now up in our cafe with when I saw a big pile of old organ pipes and circuit boards. They had been destined for the tip when they were taken out during the recent organ renovations but luckily Robin managed to save them and store them along with various other treasures. They were so beautiful and deserved to be seen and loved so I suggested we created an exhibition from them and Robin agreed. So the idea for our current Venite exhibition was born and I set about advertising for artists to transform an organ pipe into an original piece of artwork. I also decided to take some photographs myself of the circuit boards as they were just so beautiful!

A couple of weeks ago everyone brought back their completed organ pipes and my goodness they had all done an amazing job! I love the wide range of materials that have been used from wool, paper, paint, 3-D elements and many more. I highly recommend a visit to this exhibition to see them as they are well worth a closer look!

To see a photo and read more about the original Venite cafe artwork that started the ball rolling please click here.


A big thank you to all the artists who took part in this exhibition who include:

Donna Drouin

Paul Davis

Celeste Drouin-Davis and festival goers at Kingstock

Jackie and Jon Palmer

Glenda Gibson
Sue Hooper
Wendy Harvey
Jane Millum
Jo Leatherland
Helen Ashley
‘In Stitches’ Knitting Group
Ruth Joy


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