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Looking Twice, Leicester Contemplative Photography Exhibition

Our first Contemplative Photography Group Exhibition went down really well. We divided it into 9 sections each with photos from a different theme we had looked at together.

10 Ways of Seeing – Looking Twice – The Beauty of Blur – Looking Up – Focus on Framing –

The Art of Abstraction – Shadows – Light and Looking down


Aims: We aim to use photography as a way of seeing the world around us in a fresh way. The camera is simply the tool to support a deeper kind of vision. The ‘experience’ of looking has equal value to the resulting images.

Mission: To encourage each other in our personal photographic journeys. To be creative, playful and experimental. To break the ‘conventional’ rules and use our cameras to explore both the world around us and our inner selves.

ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-16 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-17 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-6 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-15 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-12 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-10 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-5 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-7 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-3 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-2

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37 Photographic Works Exhibition Artist Talk

It was great to see so many people at the 37 Photographic Works Exhibition artist talk last night. The talk focused on  three of the projects on display and was illustrated by examples from sketchbooks used throughout the creation process. All the photos below were taken by my husband Dave who gave me a night off being behind a camera! If you enjoyed  one of the Summer Berry Sling or Regal Refresher non-alcoholic cocktails available and want the recipes click here To see more of my work please visit the website

37 Photographic Works

37 Photographic Works

37 Photographic Works

37 Photographic Works

37 Works Artist Talk Gallery

 Click on the arrows to view images from the artist talk.

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37 Works Exhibition

Next week I will be hanging my own exhibition. Its always rather nerve wracking when you put up work that means an awful lot to you but at the same time I am happy to be able to share it with you all. I am showing 37 pieces of work – One for each year of my life so far! Rather than concentrate on one theme like I normally do I thought I would provide a glimpse into all my photographic passions. You will find projects on my favourite themes of faith and re-thinking mental health as well as travel and of course plenty of flowers! So why not come along to Bishop Street between the 4th and 23rd April to see the work for yourself!

RuthJoyExhibition Poster1250
Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the images on display!

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Instead of a private view I will be holding an evening opening half way through the exhibition with a short artist talk. If you are free on Wednesday 16th April between 4pm and 8.30pm you are very welcome to pop in and say hello. See the flyer below for details:

37 Works Invitation for website

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Contemplative Photography


The process of contemplative photography involves using a variety of creative camera techniques to explore the world that surrounds us. We will be sharing a few photography tips but the aim of the group is to focus on the ‘experience’ of photographing and to engage with each other’s images.

If you have an interest in using your camera creatively, an openness to share your photographs and a willingness to engage with images taken by others then this is the group for you.

All levels of photographic experience welcome.

Our first meet up is on Thursday 13th March from 6.15pm to 7.15pm We will then meet on the second and fourth Thursday each month.

Sign up on our meet-up page to find out about get-togethers and events.

It is free to join and attend the meet-ups. There will be a donations box to cover costs for anyone who would like to contribute (Suggested donation £3)