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Christmas Crafts 2016

We had a great time making these Nativity themed Christmas decorations at our drop-in craft sessions at Bishop Street. If you want to find out how we made them please click on the link below for a pdf with full instructions.

The crafts were chosen to offer a range of activities for all ages and abilities and we enjoyed sharing the company and conversation of all who came along to have a go.


Click here for Nativity Finger puppet instructions and free download 

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Poetry Workshop

Journey’s … in Translation

We were very happy to welcome Ambrose Musiyiwa who led a fascinating and thought provoking poetry translation workshop at Bishop Street last week. Engaging with the poems from ‘Over land, over sea’ in this particular and unique way led to very interesting discoveries and insights. It also allowed us to connect to the poems and the subjects they covered such as, journeys, belonging, feeling or not feeling welcome and the concept of home. The workshop went perfectly with our current exhibition No Crib for a Bed which also seeks to challenge us to imagine what we ourselves would feel like if we were forced to flee our homes and travel to an unknown country in order to try and keep ourselves and families safe.

 – Please scroll down to see photos taken by Ambrose Musiyiwa

and read his press release about this event –


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Contemplative Photography Experience in Western Park


contemplative photo western park April v3PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE PARK

Western Park
Sunday 24th April 2016
3 – 4pm

We would love you to join us for our free Contemplative Photography event. Learn how to use your camera as a meditative tool to experience the world around you in a fresh way. Suitable for all ages and abilities. All types of camera are fine including camera phones.

How to book a place: Please email Ruth at She will need to know how many places you would like to book .

Workshop leader: Ruth Joy is a professional wedding and portrait photographer who also has a keen interest in contemplative photography. With over ten years of teaching experience Ruth enjoys sharing her passion for photography with others.

What to expect: Ruth with explain the principles behind contemplative photography with visual examples and short practical exercises. You will then have some time to explore the park with your camera before the group gathers together to share their experience and images. Ruth will be available throughout the workshop to answer questions and offer advice.

What to bring: A camera. This can be anything from a camera phone to a compact point and shoot to a DSLR . Appropriate clothes and footware for the weather – we will be outside so make sure you stay warm. Some areas of the park may be muddy.

Where to meet: We will meet at 3pm in the car park accessed from the main park entrance off Hinkley Road. Click here for a map

Sharing our photographs: Please upload your favourite 3-6 images from the event onto our contemplative photography facebook page   You are also welcome to submit  1-3 images into our summer open art exhibition to be held in the gallery at Bishop Street Church


Creative Retreat and Exhibition by Jaime Poole

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Contemplating the word final poster

ART EXHIBITION BY JAIME POOLE – 7th – 20th March 2015

Paintings inspired by the British landscape together with intricate colleges formed of poetry sit side by side in this visually stunning and thought provoking exhibition.

CREATIVE RETREAT  – Saturday 7th March from 1.30 – 5pm 

An afternoon of reflection and time to grow closer to God through art and poetry. The retreat will include times of quiet contemplation, creative worship and practical creative activities including making 3-D poem pieces.

There is no charge for the retreat – we will simply put out a bowl for contributions towards materials (suggested £1 – £3) if people feel they would like to pop something in it.

Please contact Ruth at or call the Bishop Street Church office on 0116 255 4111 for details on joining us for this creative retreat day. 

See more of Jaime Poole’s work on his website here:

Retreat Leaflet



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How to make Vinyl Banners for Churches



Our second workshop was led by Steve Hammond Evans who has worked as an artist in residence at Bishop Street and is experimenting with a range of techiques to create Vinyl banners which are used in his Church at Blaby Methodist.

banner workshop full res-12

The first technique Steve demonstrated was how to turn a drawing into a huge banner that the whole congregation can get involved in. The initial drawing needs to be converted into a jpg file which is sent to a printing company to convert it into a vinyl banner. This can be done by either scanning the drawing or taking a high quality photograph of it.

Once back from the printers Steve used framers tape to ‘mask off the main area of his giant vinyl banner to ensure the border was kept fresh and white. He then armed members of his congregation with ‘sharpies’ a high quality brand of permanent coloured pens and set them to work colouring in the sections. According to Steve people really enjoyed the chance to do the colouring in even if they hadn’t done anything artistic in years! Everyone had a go and the result was a true collaboration. See the handout below for more info!

banner workshop full res-14

Next Steve went on to tell us about how he creates the artwork for his vinyl banners. Working on A3 (which he later reduces to A4 so it can be scanned)

Steve uses a range of materials including Pan Pastels which give him the rich bright colours and quick background coverage he is after. Pan Pastels come in round pots and Steve used a makeup sponge to apply them to a piece of thick, good quality paper. He then dazzled us with his electric eraser which he used to create designs in the pastel ground he had laid down! We also learnt how to use framers tape to mask off areas which could then be filled with pastel colour to create borders.

The next art product Steve demonstrated was Brusho. I have used this myself for batik work and love the intense colour it gives. Steve used a pipette to transfer a small amount of water into a bowl before adding some brusho powder and mixing whilst warning us to be careful not to drip the mixture on surfaces or get it on our hands or clothes as it is very permanent!

Again it is important to use a thick, high quality paper to apply the brusho to. The colours mix well and you can see the result in the background of the  ‘Morning has Broken’ image above which Steve is holding up with the assistance of Esther!

banner workshop full res-15

Finally Steve spoke about how he loves to use Celtic inspired knotwork in his designs as they not only tie the work together well but people like to ‘follow’ the lines with their eye which then ‘lead’ them around the image.

banner workshop full res-42

You can see some of Steve’s banners currently on display on the Bishop Street Cafe walls.

Here is a copy of Steve’s handout from the session.

Steve handout You can see more of Steve’s  work here:

Celtic Christian Banner

Banner by Steve Hammond-Evans