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Our Creative Church Exhibition Went Up Today


Creative Church Banner and Art Exhibition Starts Today!

With lots of help from some wonderfully hard working people we put up over 50 banners and a display on Art inspired by the Psalms and filled Bishop Street with a rainbow of colour. A big thank you to everyone who helped make this possible both by coming to set it up and by donating banners and artwork. As Robin put it … it looks Magnificent!!

ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-4ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-1 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-5 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-10 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-9 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-8 ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-7ruthjoyphotography_CC_2014-6

Author: artatthechapel

Art at the Chapel is full of information on upcoming Art Exhibitions and Events at Bishop Street Methodist Church, Leicester. Art at the Chapel is for anyone interested in explorations into Art and Spirituality

2 thoughts on “Our Creative Church Exhibition Went Up Today

  1. I’m bowled over by the joy and exhuberance of the banners hanging all over the church. Very many congratulations to Ruth and Robin and the team for putting this together and coordinating it. It has gathered together such a lot of creativity from so many people round the circuit. It’s so uplifting and expresses the joy of our faith which we sober British Methodists don’t celebrate enough. Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment in which to worship and be.

  2. These banners are amazing. What a lot of talent. Just the thing for another “Messy Church”! Thank you for these wonderful pics.

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