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Creative Faith Postcards

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Creative Faith Postcards

A creative faith resource for prayer, worship or initiating conversations about God.

Packs cost £20 each and are available to buy from Art at the Chapel. Please contact us at if you would like to purchase a set. 

About the Postcards

The Images
These images were taken as part of a photographic reflection on faith entitled ‘Bind us, Refresh us, Renew us’. The process of taking the photographs became a prayer as the artist used her camera as a means to express the thoughts, feelings and emotions involved in the intangible and yet intimate nature of our relationship with God. We encourage you to spend time with these images and the questions on the back of the cards so they may become a visual meditation and aid for personal reflection. If used in a group situation they can act as starting points for shared conversation on faith and God.


The Artist
Ruth Joy is a professional photographer and part time art and spirituality worker for Bishop Street Methodist Church in Leicester. She is interested in how images connect us with memories, emotions and belief which can be hard to express with words alone and how people often look at the same image in completely different ways so by unlocking multiple layers of meaning contained within it.




Examples of the kind of images you will find in the pack  

Ways to use the Postcards

For Personal Reflection
Reflect on one card each day as part of a quiet time using the questions on the back of each card to focus your thoughts. The cards also work well as an activity in a prayer corner or as a prayer station. If used in this way it helps to present some cards text side up and some image side up spread out on a table around the remaining cards propped up in the box.


For Reaching Out The cards can be used to encourage conversation about life and faith in your local community. Invite people to choose one and describe how it ‘speaks’ to them about life; then see where the conversation leads. Display some at a coffee morning, on a stall at an event or in a community building. Peg them to a piece of string, lay them out on a table, display them on a wall or put them in a photo album.

For Shared Reflection
The cards work in many situations including creative services, quiet days and cell groups. Spread out all the postcards image side up on the floor or a table and ask people to choose one which resonates with them or which reflects an aspect of their relationship with God. Allow a few minutes of silence and ask people to read the questions on the back of the card. Gently encourage a time where each person’s thoughts on their chosen image can be shared. This can be very enriching for the group. It can however be helpful to explain at the start that sharing thoughts is optional and to find a way to make it easy for someone to indicate they don’t wish to speak.


This pack includes…

10 blue cards to aid reflection on our experience of God in everyday life.

10 brown cards to focus thought on what God means to us.



Packs cost £20 each and are available to buy from Art at the Chapel. Please contact us at if you would like to purchase a set. 


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Art at the Chapel is full of information on upcoming Art Exhibitions and Events at Bishop Street Methodist Church, Leicester. Art at the Chapel is for anyone interested in explorations into Art and Spirituality

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